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Heart Disease Death Rate

Measures the age-adjusted rate of deaths per 100,000 population (due to heart disease) per year.

Measurement Period: 2011-2015
Value: 239.37






HP 2020

  • 141.6
  • 281.6
  • 421.557

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Historical Data

  • Measurement Period Value
    2011-2015 239.365
    2010-2014 242.293
    2009-2013 235.12
    2008-2012 234.644
    2003-2007 254.626

Peer Counties

  • Peers included in this indicator: Boyd, KY; Boyle, KY; Clark, KY; Greenup, KY;

  • 239.37
    • 161
    • 200
    • 239.4
  • Peer counties are those counties similar in population composition and selected demographics. Of the peer counties, only the ones that have data for the same indicator/time frame have been included.

    This county has 36 peer counties

    Peer counties (counties and county-like geographic areas) in stratum number 32 were stratified on the basis of the following factors: Frontier Status, Population Size, Poverty, Age

    All Peer Counties for Boyd

    Chilton, AL; Coffee, AL; Lawrence, AL; Independence, AR; Lassen, CA; Baldwin, GA; Jackson, GA; Polk, GA; Boyd, KY; Boyle, KY; Clark, KY; Greenup, KY; Waldo, ME; Chippewa, MI; Mecosta, MI; Phelps, MO; Lafayette, MS; Franklin, NC; Jackson, NC; Pender, NC; Watauga, NC; Franklin, NY; Gallia, OH; Clarion, PA; Hawkins, TN; Marion, TN; McMinn, TN; Monroe, TN; Rhea, TN; Warren, TN; Charlottesville, VA; Harrisonburg, VA; Petersburg, VA; Wise, VA; Whitman, WA; Jackson, WV; Albany, WY;


  • The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, Data Source: (BRFSS, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Kentucky Department for Public Health. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data as analyzed at the county level by the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Control Program and College of Public Health.)


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