Welcome to the Network of Care for Public Health

Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities, a coalition whose mission is improving community health, brings to you this online health resource. The Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities Network of Care website exists to provide residents of the Kentucky counties of Boyd and Greenup with a one-stop source of information that leads to a healthier life.

This site contains an exhaustive online library of searchable health articles, information concerning medications, a tool to help you understand what your medical symptoms could mean, links to both local and state health resources, comprehensive research topics and health statistics for Boyd and Greenup counties, interactive tools to determine your health risks, and much more.

You may be a parent looking for the cause of your child’s upset stomach; perhaps you’re interested in a tool to calculate your own Body Mass Index; maybe you’re a researcher looking for demographic information as it relates to cancer in Boyd and Greenup counties; perhaps you want to connect with your member of Congress concerning legislation of importance to you. The Healthy Choices, Healthy Communities Network of Care website can be used for all these purposes and so many more. It exists for individuals, families and agencies concerned with community health. Explore this vast resource, and let the Network of Care help you find what you need.


Community Health Data

See how your area compares to the state and the national target.

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